Thematic Groups

Thematic groups serve for an exchange with other Explorers of the same specialization.

This is a list of the thematic groups:

1Microorganisms Jörg Overmann, Ellen Kandeler
2Soil and nutrient cyclesMarion Schrumpf
3Deadwood ExperimentsWolfgang W. Weisser
4Plot sorrounding / land useChristoph Kleinn
5Modelling / theoryCarsten Dormann
6Instrumentation / remote sensing Thomas Nauss
7PlantsMarkus Fischer
8AnimalsNico Blüthgen
9GeneticsMartin Brändle, Walter Durka
10SynthesisMarkus Fischer
11Functional traitsNico Blüthgen
12Local ManagementMarkus Fischer, Wolfgang W. Weisser, Manfred Ayasse