Forest & Deadwood

core projectsProjekttitelPrincipal investigatorsPeriod
Forest structure (Core project)Forest structure: Properties, structure and management of the forest experimental plotsAmmer2014-2020
BELongDeadLongterm Monitoring of DeadwoodWeisser2008-2020
BLD-FFD-HZG IIBELongDead - Fungal Functional Diversity - Halle/Zittau/Grafenau Fungal and bacterial structural diversity and the expression and diversity of wood decay relevant genes in coarse woody debrisBässler, Buscot, Hofrichter, Hoppe, Kellner2014-2020
FunWood IVThe effect of forest management intensity, tree species and fungal bacterial diversity on resource use, decomposition and gas emissions in dead woodJehmlich, Noll2009-2020
KnowledgeTransferProjectFrom fundamental biodiversity research to practical recommendations for a biodiversity-orientated forest managementAmmer2017-2020
TreeScapeEcological mechanisms underpinning species diversity changes along land-use intensity in temperate forests - from trees to landscapesKrzystek, Levick, Müller2017-2020
WoodSoilImpact of deadwood on functional diversity and biogeochemical traits in underlying forest soilsBorken, Persoh2017-2020