core projectsProjekttitelPrincipal investigatorsPeriod
Botany (Core project)Plant diversity and plant-related processesFischer, Prati2006-2020
BETol IIThe role of nutrients for the variability of drought effects on community composition and productivity across land use gradients in grasslands: a trait based approachEngelbrecht 2014-2020
ESCAPE IIEffects of disturbance and seed addition on plant community assembly and ecosystem functionsHamer, Hölzel, Kleinbecker 2014-2020
EvoPlastEvolution of plant phenotypic plasticity in response to grassland managementScheepens2017-2020
ForbAgeLand-use effects on longevity and stem anatomical traits of perennial dicotyledonous species in grasslandsRoscher2017-2020
LandUseFeedbackThe effect of land-use related diversity on plant-soil feedbacks and plant-community coexistenceJoshi2017-2020
PhenoDivTracking long-term phenology and genetic diversity changes in the Biodiversity Exploratories: a comparison of contemporary plants and historical specimenBossdorf, Burbano2017-2020
RootFunBelowground functional traits of plants as drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem functionsRillig, van Kleunen2017-2020
SADESeed addition and Disturbance ExperimentFischer, Hölzel, Prati2014-2020
TRATSCH IIComparative transcriptome analysis and phenotypic monitoring of Trifolium pratense (Fabaceae) under land use scenariosBecker, Gemeinholzer, Wissemann2014-2020