Theory, Modelling & Upscaling

core projectsProjekttitelPrincipal investigatorsPeriod
Synthesis (Core project)Ecological SynthesisAllan, Fischer2011-2020
BEF-UpUpscaling biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships in real-world landscapesManning2017-2020
CONNECTConnecting process-based vegetation model to data from the Biodiversity Exploratories to unravel the mechanisms that connect biodiversity, land-use and ecosystem functionDormann, Hartig2014-2019
HEDGE IIHabitat heterogeneity and biodiversity in grassland ecosystems: a combined theoretical-experimental approachKadmon, Tielbörger2014-2020
HiLUCCEffects of historical land-use change on species richness and community composition in fragmented and newly created habitatsThiele, Weisser2017-2020
pETchyWatching biodiversity at work from aboveLischeid, Sommer2017-2020