Microorganisms & Fungi

core projectsProjekttitelPrincipal investigatorsPeriod
Microorganisms (Core project)Soil fungal diversity and community composition of grassland and forest ecosystems along land-use gradients in three German Biodiversity ExplanatoriesBuscot, Wubet2014-2020
SOILFUNGI (Core project)Soil fungal diversity and community structure of grassland and forest ecosystems along land use gradient in three German ExploratoriesBuscot, Wubet2011-2014
DEFENSEDependence of endophytic fungus - grass symbioses on land-use intensitKrauss 2014-2020
EctomycFunctional diversity of mycorrhiza in relation to land-use changes and ecosystem functions Polle 2008-2020
EnDecoEinfluss der Landnutzung auf die funktionelle Rolle von Pilzen der Phyllosphäre beim StreuabbauBegerow, Persoh2014-2017
ForNitLand use intensity as a driver for abundance, diversity and activity of nitrifying microbes in soils from forest ecosystemsSchloter, Schulz2014-2017
MicroSYSteMMicrobial Data Synthesis and Meta-analysis for the Biodiversity ExploratoriesBonkowski, Buscot, Daniel, Kandeler, Overmann2014-2020
proEMMMycorrhizal mycelium production in relation to forest management intensity and ecosystem functionsPena2014-2017
ProFunDPartitioning of Prokaryotic Functional Diversity under Different Land UseFriedrich, Overmann2014-2020
SCALEMICSoil microbial communities in grasslands – Biogeography at the local and regional scaleKandeler, Marhan 2008-2020
SEBA-RSGemeinschaftsstrukturen der Sebacinales in Wurzeln und Böden entlang von Landnutzungsgradienten der deutschen Biodiversitäts ExploratorienHempel2014-2017