Soil related studies

core projectsProjekttitelPrincipal investigatorsPeriod
Soil abiotic (Core project)Biodiversity and land use effects on soil processes and functionsSchrumpf, Trumbore, Weisser2006-2020
ACTIFLAGMonitoring diversity patterns of active flagellate taxa in different grassland ecosystems as a tool in terrestrial ecology Chatzinotas, Boenigk 2008-2011
AMFrootsBiodiversity and land-use effects on below ground primary productivity and arbuscular mycorrhizaHempel, Rillig2011-2014
BELOWAnalysis of root traits to test for environmental filtering and niche complementarity in grassland communitiesBruelheide, Jandt, Scheel2014-2017
BIOSTRUCLinking biodiversity to biogeochemical cycling (C-N cycling) in grasslands by soil structure Joschko, Franko, Illerhaus 2011-2014
CrustfunctionBiodiversity and functional role of biological soil crustsKarsten, Leinweber 2014-2020
DYNSOILSDynamics of soil aggregation as affected by land use in grasslands and forestsRillig 2011-2014
ForestMitesEffects of land use, dispersal and dead wood on the trophic ecology, community structure and reproductive mode of oribatid mites (Oribatida, Acari)Maraun2014-2017
ForNitLand use intensity as a driver for abundance, diversity and activity of nitrifying microbes in soils from forest ecosystemsSchloter, Schulz2014-2017
FrassTrophic ecology and reproductive mode of oribatid mites along a land use gradient: an experimental approach Maraun 2008-2014
FuPerSFungal peroxidases in soils: functional and taxonomic diversity and enzymatic activities under varying land use regimes in the German biodiversity exploratories Hofrichter, Krüger 2008-2011
INDILAPInfluence of different land use intensities and plant richness pattern on microbial ammonium turnover in grassland ecosystems Munch Schloter 2008-2011
InDiLaNiInteraction of biogeochemical interfaces and microbial community function in different soilsMatthies, Schloter, Focks, Munch 2011-2014
InteractLand use effects on insect root herbivores and their interactions with arbuscular mycorrhiza Wurst 2009-2011
LitterLinksChanges in soil food web structure of the decomposer system with land use intensity in forest systems Scheu2008-2020
MicroWebLinks and fluxes in forest soil micro-food webs under different land use intensityRueß2014-2017
ModelWebModeling land-use effects on forest soil food webs Brose 2008-2014
NanoFaunaNanofauna (flagellates, amoebae) diversity in relation to land use and ecosystem functioning Arndt, Bonkowski 2008-2016
ProFILProkaryotic diversity changes and their functional interrelation to land use Overmann, Friedrich 2008-2014
PROLINKSImpact of Land-use on Biogeographical Diversity of Soil Prokaryotes and their Functional Links to Atmospheric Chemistry Drake, Horn, Kolb 2008-2011
RootHerb IILand use intensity and insect root herbivores: from spatial pattern to plant community feedback Wurst, Jeltsch 2011-2017
SOILAGGBiodiversity and land-use effects on soil structure and arbuscular mycorrhiza Rillig 2008-2011
SoilAlgaeChanges in the biodiversity of algae in soils along land use gradients within the German Biodiversity Exploratories: community structures and functional roles Friedl 2008-2011
SoilcrustIntraspecific genetic diversity and ecophysiological performance of the aeroterrestrial green alga Klebsormidium (Klebsormidiophyceae, Streptophyta) in biological soil crusts along a gradient of land-use intensity Karsten 2011-2014
SoilFoodWebImpact of land-use intensity and landscape structure on the biodiversity and functioning of soil food webs Wolters, Birkhofer, Diekötter 2008-2011
SOILFUNThe functional role of soil biodiversity in grassland habitats: effects of land use and climate on niche properties, decomposition and greenhouse gas fluxesWolters, Birkhofer 2011-2014
SoilomicsAssessment of structure and function of soil bacterial communties along land use and mangement gradients in the Biodiversity Exploratories Daniel2011-2014