Land use gradient


Forests range from intensively used pine monocultures over mixed pine-beech and oak forests to unmanaged beech forests in the core areas of the Biosphere Reserve.Most Experimental Plots (EPs) are located in forests owned by the state Brandenburg, but we have also plots in private owned forests.

Land use types forest:

1.    Pine, pole wood

2.    Pine, young timber

3.    Pine, old timber

4.    Pine-beech, old timber

5.    Oak, old timber

6.    Beech, old timber

7.    Beech, old timber with regeneration

8.    Unmanaged beech forest



Land use types in grassland range from intensively used, fertilised meadows over a combined form of mowing and grazing to unfertilised, extensively used pastures, grazed by cattle. A specific for the exploratory are the large low moor areas. So we find most of the Experimental Plots (EPs) on organic soil (27), less (23) on mineral soil.

Prevailing land use types are also influenced by the economic structure of the agriculture. Most farms cultivate more than 500 ha (of mainly leased land) and work nearly all on regular basis, conventional farming as well as organic farming.

Land use types grassland:

1.  Meadows, fertilised, organic soil

2.  Meadows, unfertilised, organic soil

3.  Mown pastures, unfertilised, organic soil

4.  Pastures, unfertilised, organic soil

5.  Meadows, unfertilised, mineral soil

6.  Mown pastures, fertilised, mineral soil

7.  Pastures, fertilised, mineral soil

8.  Pastures, unfertilised, mineral soil