Arthropods (Core project) Land use, above-ground arthropod diversity and arthropod-affected processes Blüthgen, Weisser 2006-2023
BE-Spring Discovering Collembola biodiversity on grasslands with emerging genomic and metagenomic tools Bálint, Manning, Schneider 2020-2023
Birds&Bats Der Effekt von Landnutzung auf funktionelle Merkmale und Muster in Vogel- und Fledermausgemeinschaften Reichel - Jung 2020-2023
FuncNet Land-use effects on functional trait networks and consequences for ecosystem processes Gossner 2017-2021
GapResin Gap Responses in Forest Insects – From Communities to Cellular Processes Müller, Vogel 2020-2023
HealthyPollination Effects of land use intensity on pollinator health and pollination services Ayasse, Kuppler, Wilfert 2020-2023
LaBiRo Land use, Biodiversity and Rodent-borne diseases Imholt, Mayer-Scholl, Obiegala 2020-2023
LitterLinks Changes in soil food web structure of the decomposer system with land use intensity in forest systems Scheu 2008-2023
MacroBEEs How does land use affect bee-plant interactions and their mutualistic outcomes? Keller, Leonhardt 2020-2023
SMaTI Changes in Small Mammal Trophic Interactions (SMaTI) in response to land-use intensity and biodiversity Tiede 2020-2023
SPIDERFUN Land-use effects on the functional role of spiders in food webs in permanent grasslands Birkhofer, Harms, Krehenwinkel 2020-2023
SPRINT Seed Predation and diversity of arthropod communities in Response to land-use Intensity Ott 2020-2023