Forest & Deadwood

Forest structure (Core project) Forest structure: Properties, structure and management of the forest experimental plots Ammer 2014-2023
BELongDead Longterm Monitoring of Deadwood Weisser 2008-2020
BLD-MFD-HZG_III BELongDead - Fungal Functional Diversity - Halle/Zittau/Grafenau Fungal and bacterial structural diversity and the expression and diversity of wood decay relevant genes in coarse woody debris Bässler, Buscot, Hofrichter, Hoppe, Kellner 2014-2023
ForGenDiv The influence of forest management on genetic diversity of plant and animal species: a cross-species study Bossdorf, Thomassen 2020-2023
GENEDIV Genetic diversity in key regulator genes and their association with environmental, forest management and biodiversity gradients Gailing 2020-2023
SYMBIODRIVE Drivers of recruitment and diversity in symbioses: assessing changes in fungal, algal, and bacterial communities of the lichen holobiont along land use gradients Dal Grande, Schmitt 2020-2023
WOODSTOCK Linking deadwood decay and nitrogen cycling: diversity and function of diazotrophs Borken, Noll 2020-2023