Microorganisms & Fungi

Microorganisms (Core project) Soil fungal diversity and community composition of grassland and forest ecosystems along land-use gradients in three German Biodiversity Explanatories Buscot, Wubet 2014-2020
anthoDiv Linking organismal and genetic diversity of floral microbiomes to ecosystem properties and functional plant traits Junker, Keller 2017-2020
AntiRes Exploring a cradle of multi-resistant bacteria – antibiotic resistance in soil and its link to different land use types and intensities Nacke 2017-2020
BE_CH4 Land-use intensity effects on soil methane cycling microbes in grassland and forest soils Kolb, Marhan, Urich 2017-2020
BE-Cult Biodiversity of Nitrate-Reducing Microbes in Grassland Soils by Massive Cultivation and Genomics Behrendt, Horn, Kolb, Ulrich 2017-2020
DEFENSE II Dependence of endophytic fungus - grass symbioses on land-use intensit Krauss 2014-2020
ECTOMYC Functional diversity of mycorrhiza in relation to land-use changes and ecosystem functions Polle 2008-2020
FunTrait Understanding the contribution of functional traits of individual fungal taxa to ecosystem functions under different land use scenarios Hempel 2017-2020
KiWion Killing the winner only ? – The virome of grass land soils under different land use intensity as the driver for microbial community structure and function Chatzinotas, Griebler, Schloter 2017-2020
LandUseSAC Disentangling the way land use intensity affects β-diversity of soil bacterial and fungal communities Veresoglou 2017-2020
MicroSYSteM II Microbial Data Synthesis and Meta-analysis for the Biodiversity Exploratories Bonkowski, Buscot, Daniel, Kandeler, Overmann 2014-2020
PATHOGEN Factors driving the distribution and diversity of protistan plant pathogens in grasslands and forests of the Biodiversity Exploratories Bonkowski 2017-2020
ProFunD II Partitioning of Prokaryotic Functional Diversity under Different Land Use Friedrich, Overmann 2014-2020
SCALEMIC Microbial Colonization Strategies and Resource Partitioning in Grassland Soils under Different Land-Use Intensities Kandeler, Marhan 2008-2020