Microorganisms & Fungi

Microorganisms (Core project) Soil microbial diversity and community composition of grassland and forest ecosystems along land use gradients in three German Biodiversity Exploratories Buscot, Overmann, Schloter 2014-2023
BE_CENSE A molecular census of land-use intensity effects on the soil biota in grasslands Bonkowski, Urich 2020-2023
BEMPL Microplastic occurrence and effects on soil fungi and processes along land use gradients in the framework of the Biodiversity Exploratories Rillig 2020-2023
ECTOMYC Functional diversity of mycorrhiza in relation to land-use changes and ecosystem functions Polle 2008-2020
SCALEMIC The function of the hyphosphere in carbon and nutrient partitioning between plants and microorganisms in grassland soils under different land-use intensities Kandeler, Marhan 2008-2023