Botany (Core project) Plant diversity and plant-related processes Fischer, Prati 2006-2023
ESCAPE II Effects of disturbance and seed addition on plant community assembly and ecosystem functions Hamer, Hölzel, Kleinbecker 2014-2021
EXClAvE Land use effects on plant and microbe communities: an experimental common garden approach Junker 2020-2023
ForbAge Land-use effects on longevity and stem anatomical traits of perennial dicotyledonous species in grasslands Roscher 2017-2021
HAIRphae The economic trade-off between root hairs and mycorrhizal extraradical hyphae along a land use gradient Bergmann 2020-2023
HerbAdapt Adaptation of understorey herbs to forest management Scheepens, De Frenne 2020-2023
RootFun Belowground functional traits of plants as drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem functions Rillig, van Kleunen 2017-2020
SADE Seed addition and Disturbance Experiment Fischer, Hölzel, Prati 2014-2021
SeedDiv Seed and seedling traits as related to plant diversity and community assembly in grasslands at different land-use intensity Roscher 2020-2023