BEF-Up: Upscaling biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships in real-world landscapes


Scientific investigators:

Dr. Peter Manning

Dr. Gaëtane Le Provost

Sophie Peter

(Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, Frankfurt/M)

Prof. Dr. Birgit Blättel-Mink

(Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a.M.)

Dr. Fons van der Plas

(University Leipzig)

Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function (BEF) research has typically focused on local scale relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem function in experimental communities. However, the role of spatial dynamics of biodiversity within ‘real world’ landscapes is rarely considered for most ecosystem functions.

This project will test the hypothesis that the ecosystem functioning of a grassland plot is higher for any given level of land use intensity when it is embedded within a biodiverse landscape. This is due to two mechanisms a) faster recovery of plot biodiversity following disturbances (e.g. mowing) as a result of greater recolonization and b) the spillover of motile ecosystem service providers (e.g. from pollinators) from more diverse surrounding areas. These hypotheses will be tested by synthesizing existing data with new data gathered from biodiversity survey of the areas surrounding the grassland experimental plots of the Biodiversity Exploratories.

The effect of other landscape features (e.g. landscape connectivity and surrounding land use intensity and functional composition) will also be investigated. The models obtained from testing these hypotheses will then be used to upscale biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships to the landscape scale, using a combination of geographic information systems and statistical simulations. This will allow us to estimate the impact of changes to the spatial configuration of diversity and land use intensity within the landscape. In turn, this will allow us to identify new management strategies that promote landscape multifunctionality, and to predict the landscape level impacts of future management change, e.g. further intensification or the restoration of biodiversity.


Further project contribution of Dr. Peter Manning, Dr. Fons van der Plas: Synthesis