Population Genetics meets Landscape ecology in the Biodiversity Exploratories:

A case study on genetic differentiation of ground beetle populations


Scientific investigators:

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Assmann

(Leuphana University Lüneburg)


H1: Landscape settings (e.g., historical & contemporary connectivity, land use intensity) have an influence on the genetic differentiation.
H2: These relationships are more pronounced in short-winged than in long-winged populations and species.
H3: Positive relationship between  genetic variation
and species diversity (community level)


Population genetics: Microsatellites, Allozymes, Hind-wing development
Landscape genetics: Tests (Hardy-Weinberg-equilibrium, linkage disequilibrium, ...), Genetic differentiation patterns (FST-values, AMOVA, assignment tests), Genetic diversity (allelic richness), Spatial genetic patterns
Landscape ecology: Historical and contemporary maps, Landscape settings, GIS data