Schwerpunkt: Oberirdische Vertebraten und Invertebraten

Arthropods I (Core project) Land use, aboveground arthropod diversity and arthropod-related processes Weisser 2011-2023
Arthropods II (Core project) Abundance and diversity of arthropods Linsenmair 2011-2014
Vertebrates Vertebrates
AntAphid Direct and indirect effects on ant communities in a land use gradient in grasslands Feldhaar 2014-2017
Barcoding Diptera Development of mass sequencing workflows Wägele, Weisser 2011-2015
BATMAN Multi-trophic interactions of Butterflies Along a gradienT of MANagement intensity in grasslands and forest Klein, Krauss 2008-2011
BEsound The relationships between land use intensity, organismic diversity and acoustic complexity Scherer-Lorenzen 2014-2017
DUNGWEBS Land-use responses of dung beetle communities and their ecosystem services Assmann, Blüthgen, Schmitt 2014-2017
ChemoDiversity ChemoDiversity
Footprints Chemical signatures of floral resource competition between honeybees and wild bees along a landuse gradient Eltz, Blüthgen 2011-2014
InsectScale Effects of landscape context and land-use intensity on biodiversity and multitrophic interactions among plants, pollinators, herbivores, and their natural enemies Steffan-Dewenter, Westphal, Tscharntke, Scherber 2008-2011
LANDSCAPES Landscape heterogeneity and functional Westphal 2012-2014
LitterLinks Changes in soil food web structure of the decomposer system with land use intensity in forest systems Scheu 2008-2020
MetacommuniTree Land use effects on patterns and processes in decomposer metacommunities in tree holes Petermann, Weisser 2014-2017
MicroBEEs Consequences of land-use for solitary bee microbiota composition and function Keller, Leonhardt, Schloter 2017-2020
NecroPig Influence of land use intensity on the decomposition rate of dead mammals in conjunction with the biodiversity of the carcass associated insect fauna Ayasse, Steiger 2014-2017
ParaAves Response of birds to forest management and host-parasite-vector interactions Renner, Schaefer 2014-2017
PhyloDiv Phylogenetic community structure and land use: Does intensification cause phylogenetic homogenization? Brändle 2011-2017
Plantomics Relationship between chemical profiles of plants, their herbivore biodiversity and land-use Müller, Kuhn 2009-2011
Plantcol The interaction between signal diversity and pollinator behaviour along a land use Schaefer, Blüthgen 2009-2011
Response Land use effects on response diversity in animal-plant interactions Blüthgen 2011-2014
PopGeneLand Impact of contemporary and historical landscape structure on neutral and adaptive genetic markers in ground beetle populations Aßmann, Drees 2011-2014
STOICHIO Land-use effects on plant-herbivore stoichiometry: micro- and macronutrients Blüthgen, Kleinebecker, Mody 2014-2017