Schwerpunkt: Botanik

Botany (Core project) Land use, plant diversity and plant related processes Fischer 2006-2020
BeechGen Spatial dynamics of intraspecific variation in beech (fagus sylvatica): environmental and human impacts and their importance for forest ecosystems Finkeldey, Gailing 2008-2011
BELOW Analysis of root traits to test for environmental filtering and niche complementarity in grassland communities Bruelheide, Jandt, Scheel 2014-2017
BERich Using enrichment planting to test for environmental filtering and niche complementarity in grassland communites Bruelheide, Jandt 2011-2014
BETol I-II Variation of plant drought tolerance in grasslands: effects on community assembly and ecosystem resilience Engelbrecht 2014-2020
BioComp Relating nutrient concentrations, fibre contents and isotopic signals of grassland biomass to biodiversity patterns, ecosystem processes and landuse intensity using multi-temporal data generated with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) Hölzel, Kleinebecker 2009-2014
ClimateChange The role of biodiversity in controlling biogeochemical processes under experimental climate change in grassland and forest systems Dormann, Scherer-Lorenzen 2008-2011
EpiDiv Epigenetische Diversität von Gründlandpflanzen in den Biodiversitäts-Exploratorien Bossdorf, Durka 2014-2017
ESCAPE Effects of disturbance and seed addition on plant community assembly and ecosystem functions Hamer, Hölzel, Kleinbecker 2014-2020
EvoPlast Evolution of plant phenotypic plasticity in response to grassland management Scheepens 2017-2020
GenLink The link between genetic diversity and species diversity: patterns and processes in grassland plants Durka 2008-2011
GENLAND The relationship between neutral and adaptive genetic diversity in the context of historic and present land use and landscape structure Durka, Auge 2011-2014
HydroNiche Resource fluctuations and niche separation in plant communities: Can landuse effects on soil moisture explain observed patterns in plant diversity? Dormann Hildebrandt 2011-2014
LandUseFeedback The effect of land-use related diversity on plant-soil feedbacks and plant-community coexistence Joshi 2017-2020
Neighbor The effect of forest management and neighborhood diversity on seasonal tree growth responses Ammer, Schulze 2011-2014
PhenoDiv Tracking long-term phenology and genetic diversity changes in the Biodiversity Exploratories: a comparison of contemporary plants and historical specimen Bossdorf, Burbano 2017-2020
PhylloMethylotrophs Biogeography, genetic and functional diversity of plant growth promoting phyllosphere methylotrophs Kämpfer, Lodders 2008-2011
QuantGen The evolutionary impact of land use: quantitative genetic diversity and phenotypic selection of grassland plants in the biodiversity exploratories Auge, Bossdorf, Prati 2008-2011
RangeShift Using biogeographical niche models to predict plant species responses to climate change in interaction with land use Bruelheide, Welk 2009-2013
SADE Seed addition and Disturbance Experiment Fischer, Hölzel, Prati 2014-2021
ScalingUp Scaling up biodiversity exploratory results in space and time Bruelheide, Jandt 2008-2011
SOILFEEDBACK Impact of soil negative feedbacks on plant-species diversity Joshi, Rillig 2011-2014
STOICHIO Land-use effects on plant-herbivore stoichiometry: micro- and macronutrients Blüthgen, Kleinebecker, Mody 2014-2017
TRATSCH I-II Comparative transcriptome analysis and phenotypic monitoring of Trifolium pratense (Fabaceae) under land use scenarios Becker, Gemeinholzer, Wissemann 2014-2020