Forest & Deadwood

Forest diversity (Core project) Forest Diversity on Landscape Scale Ammer, Kleinn 2011-2020
BeLongDead Long-term dead wood experiment Weisser 2008-2020
BLD-FFD-HZG I-II BELongDead - Fungal Functional Diversity - Halle/Zittau/Grafenau Fungal and bacterial structural diversity and the expression and diversity of wood decay relevant genes in coarse woody debris Bässler, Buscot, Hofrichter, Kellner 2014-2023
BEECHADAPT Genetic and adaptive variation in beech (Fagus sylvatica): Which factors influence their spatial distribution patterns? Finkeldey, Müller 2011-2017
FUNWOOD I - IV The effect of forest management intensity on the diversity of wood-decaying fungi and dead wood decomposition Bauhus, Buscot, Krüger, Hofrichter 2009-2020
KnowledgeTransferProject From fundamental biodiversity research to practical recommendations for a biodiversity-orientated forest management Ammer 2017-2020
SHAPE Quantifying the impact of forest management intensity and neighborhood diversity on individual tree shape and canopy space filling Ammer 2014-2017
TreeScape Ecological mechanisms underpinning species diversity changes along land-use intensity in temperate forests - from trees to landscapes Krzystek, Levick, Müller 2017-2020
WoodSoil Impact of deadwood on functional diversity and biogeochemical traits in underlying forest soils Borken, Persoh 2017-2020