Schwerpunkt: Modellierung und Fernerkundung

Synthesis (Core project) Ecological synthesis Fischer 2011-2023
BEAM ll Impact of land-use and functional diversity on species diversity and stability of grassland communities in fragmented landscapes Wiegand 2008-2015
BEF-Up Upscaling biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships in real-world landscapes Manning 2017-2020
Climatology Satellite supported generation of area wide climate and vegetation datasets for an integrative analysis of ecosystem biodiversity relationships on grassland areas Nauss, Bendix 2009-2011
CONNECT Connecting process-based vegetation model to data from the Biodiversity Exploratories to unravel the mechanisms that connect biodiversity, land-use and ecosystem function Dormann, Hartig 2014-2018
HEDGE I-II Habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity in grassland ecosystems: a combined theoretical-experimental approach Kadmon, Tielbörger 2014-2020
LaserTIR Enhancing the understanding of canopy biodiversity: Estimating forest canopy surface temperature by airborne laser scanning, thermal infrared scanning, and 3D radiation modeling Kleinn 2011-2014
pETchy Watching biodiversity at work from above Lischeid, Sommer 2017-2020
STRUCTURE The effects of land-use and structural heterogeneity on biodiversity: A new assessment method using cost-effective remote sensing and fine-scale pattern analysis Wiegand 2008-2011