Changes in the biodiversity of algae in soils along land use gradients within the German Biodiversity Exploratories: community structures and functional roles


Scientific investigators:


Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedl

(University Göttingen)

Changes in the diversity of algae/cyanobacteria in soils of grasslands and forests along a gradient of different land use intensities:

•    Algae communities are highly influenced by environmental factors because they are integrating environmental and seasonal changes over several weeks.

•    Changes in the algal/cyanobacterial community structures are more affected by land use than by physico-chemical parameters of the soil.

Functional roles of algae/cyanobacteria diversity: food resources for microarthropods (Acari and Collembola) as an exemplar functional role

•    There is a functional connection between the algal biodiversity and algae consumers because algae and cyanobacteria are important primary producers in soil and occupy various roles in the maintenance of soil fertility and structure.