Landowners, tenants, managers, forestry offices, nature conservation authorities and protected area managers allow us access to the study areas. This is crucial for the scientific success of the Biodiversity Exploratories. We therefore sincerely thank all persons and institutions for their good and long-standing cooperation. We are also enriched by the intensive and long-standing exchange of information between scientists from the Biodiversity Exploratories and representatives from agriculture, forestry and nature conservation. We therefore look forward to continuing this dialogue in the future.

For our partners in practice, we provide practice-relevant research results from the Biodiversity Exploratories on the page Praxis.Wissen (in German) briefly and in a generally understandable way.

Links to the website of the protected areas:

Schorfheide-Chorin grassland

Schorfheide-Chorin forest

Hainich-Dün grassland

Hainich-Dün forest

Hainich-Dün municipalities

Schwäbische Alb grassland

Schwäbische Alb forest

Schwäbische Alb authorities

Schwäbische Alb municipalities