Intro-Workshop 2023 Part II – Excursion to the Hainich exploratory

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    27. September 2023  — 28. September 2023
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The second and final part of the Intro-Workshop 2023, the Intro-Excursion

Target group: PhDs, Postdocs, new PIs

Lecturer: 27th September, 1 pm to 5 pm: Data Management in BExIS (Andreas Ostrowski)
28th September, 9 am to 3 pm: Field excursion to grassland and forest plots – Hainich exploratory (Christian Ammer and Norbert Hölzel)

Accommodation: Gasthaus “Brauhaus zum Löwen” in Mühlhausen (https://www.goebel-hotels.com/muehlhausen/brauhaus-zum-loewen/)

Link to register: https://www.bexis.uni-jena.de/emm/EventRegistration/EventRegistration

Registration deadline: 7th August 2023

Important information: Your registration is binding. Should it not be possible to participate due to illness or other reasons, the BEO must be informed as soon as possible and the registration cancelled. The course is limited to 25 participants. The participation is for Explorers only!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the BEO.

External Workshop “GIS in R: Fundamentals and applications for ecologists”

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    21. August 2023  — 15. October 2023
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Date: August 21 – October 15, 2023

Target group: Postdocs and PhD candidates

Course language: English

Topics: This workshop is an 8-week intensive online learning experience for graduate students and professionals. The course will review core GIS concepts and the basics of R programming and build skills in raster and vector import and manipulation. The course closely integrates tidyverse functions with GIS tools to develop efficient and intuitive coding. Special emphasis will be placed on visualizing spatial data through static and interactive.

Please note: The course is very time intensive. Only register if you have a real interest in participating in the course and have sufficient time for it, minimum 10h per week. Register as soon as possible, since this workshop offers limited numbers of seats.

Further information to the course: https://smconservation.gmu.edu/programs/graduate-and-professional/gis-ol/

Registration deadline at the BEO: 19th June 2023.
Please register for this workshop through us first by writing an e-mail to beo@senckenberg.de with your name and your e-mail address! We will get in touch with you for the official application.

21st Biodiversity Exploratories Assembly

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    19. February 2024  — 23. February 2024
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    t.b.d. (probably HKK Hotel Wernigerode / Harzer Kultur- & Kongresshotel

Save the date for the next 20th Biodiversity Exploratories Assembly.