53. Annual Conference of German Ecologocal Society: The future of sustainable land use across ecosystems, landscapes and biomes

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    9. September 2024  — 13. September 2024
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Date: 9–13 September 2024

Topic: Global land-use change and unsustainable land management practices are dominant drivers of contemporary biodiversity and ecosystem function loss. Sustainable agricultural, forestry, and urban land use must be multifunctional and should incorporate the latest advances in basic and applied ecology. The impacts of climate change, biological invasions and environmental pollution are further driving this need. The GfÖ24 conference of the German Ecological Society in Freising, Bavaria, will address such topics. Our goal is to present, discuss and advance ecological knowledge that contributes to innovative land use and management strategies.

Venue: The research campus in Freising-Weihenstephan will host the GfÖ24 conference. This is the hub of the School of Life Sciences of the Technical University of Munich, the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and several applied research institutions. Thus, the conference can build on local expertise in ecology, forestry, agriculture, urbanism and freshwater science. The green environment of the campus and the historic city of Freising will be a charming setting for the meeting.

Biodiversity Exploratories Session:Biodiversity Exploratories (BE): the value of long-term research platforms in the real world – land-use, biodiversity, ecosystem processes and services”.
The session will present exciting results from current and past projects of the Biodiversity Exploratories.
We would therefore like to call on you all to submit many exciting abstracts here by 10 May at the latest: https://www.gfoe-conference.de/index.php?cat=callforpapers
You can find the BE session under the session heading Ecosystem Ecology.

More information: https://www.gfoe-conference.de/index.php?cat=show_start&LANG=en

22nd Biodiversity Exploratories Assembly

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    18. February 2025  — 21. February 2025
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The information will follow soon