Overview of the ten core projects of the Biodiversity Exploratory that jointly provide and maintain coordination, infrastructure, monitoring, experimentation, and synthesis.

Core projects 5 to 10

In spring 2023, the seventh project phase began, which will last until February 2026.

In the BE, there are currently a total of ten core projects and 32 subprojects (as well as eleven with a cost-neutral extension). In addition to the core projects 1 (Central Coordination Office, BEO), 2 (Local Management, LMT), 3 (Instrumentation and Remote Sensing) und 4 (Central Data Management, BExIS), which primarily provide the infrastructure, core projects 5 to 10 also take on research activities, for example, in the form of long-term monitoring.

Picture: The photo shows a meadow with a female scientist and a male scientist kneeling on the ground and laying down markers. Both persons are smiling into the camera, in the background a climate measuring station and a forest can be seen.
Botany (Core project)
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Picture: The photo shows a beech forest in winter where a hole-cutting operation has been carried out. In an open area in front of standing trees, one can see tree stumps and sawn tree trunks lying on top of each other.
Forest structure (Core project)
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Picture: The photo shows a close-up of a longhorn beetle.
Arthropods (Core project)
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Picture: The collage contains six photographs of steps in molecular analyses in a laboratory, performed by a scientist. Photo 1 shows a sample standardization device. Photo 2 shows the scientist working on a polymerase chain reaction device. Photo 3 shows the scientist using an electronic pipette to fill a sample into a micro-reaction tube. Photo 4 shows an Illumina MiSeq sequencer. Photo 5 shows the scientist working on a bioinformatics quality control device. Photo 6 shows the scientist at a desk in front of a computer making inputs for assignment.
Microorganisms (Core project)
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Picture: The photograph shows a round tall metal tray on a laboratory bench containing twenty-one cylindrical small glass or plastic containers with white screw caps. The containers are filled with soil samples. Next to the containers in the tray is a slip of paper with the word "unground" handwritten on it.
Soil (Core project)
#Soil biology & Element cycling  #2020 – 2023  
Figure: The photo shows a meadow with a flock of sheep in front of a climate measuring station. On the right side of the picture there is a shepherd with dogs and another man. In the background there are more meadows and mixed forest on hills.
Synthesis (Core project)
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Infrastructure-Information: Services provided by Core Projects

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