Biodiversity is shaped by organismal differences in the consumption, utilization and allocation of nutrients as well as the environment they are immersed in. The trophic niche size represents the diversity of resources used – or in other words, the thresholds in nutrient absence and abundance tolerated by an organism.

  • Calculate the species-specific trophic niche of different taxonomic groups along the food web
  • Compare them in terms of size, positions, variation and overlaps along the LUI

1) synthesis of existing data in (Bexis database) in collaboration with several teams,

2) fieldwork to collect organisms under-represented in the synthesis, and

3) chemical (stable isotopes) and statistical analyses

Simplified food web from grasslands showing several of the major arthropod groups interacting

Scientific assistants

Dr. Maria Alejandra Parreno
Project manager
Dr. Maria Alejandra Parreno
Technische Universität München (TUM)