Exploratories for large-scale and long-term functional biodiversity research

Coordination office - BEO


Steering committee:

Prof. M. Fischer (Speaker, Uni Bern, SGN Frankfurt)

Prof. W.W. Weisser (TU München)

Prof. M. Ayasse (Uni Ulm)

Prof. C. Ammer (Uni Göttingen)

Prof. N. Blüthgen (TU Darmstadt)

Prof. N. Hölzel (Uni Münster)

Prof. E. Kandeler (Uni Hohenheim)

Prof. B. König-Ries (Uni Jena)

Dr. M. Schrumpf (MPI BGC, Jena)


The Biodiversity Exploratories are a German Science Foundation funded research project (DFG Priority Programme 1374).
The three exploratories serve as open research platform for all biodiversity and ecosystem research groups of Germany.

Study Objectives:

  • the understanding of the relationship between biodiversity of different taxa and levels
  • the role of land use and management for biodiversity and
  • the role of biodiversity for ecosystem processes






The image film about the Biodiversity Exploratories (00:07:30)

The project film gives a short overview of key issues, topics of research, the people behind the project, and the specificity of the project.



Link to the detailed information-film of the biodiversity-exploratories (ca. 34 min, german)

This information-film presents several projects of the Biodiversity-Exploratories and discusses the infrastructure and people who makes the wider project possible.