Forest-day at the Exploratory Schorfheide-Chorin

The Exploratory Schorfheide-Chorin organized a Forest-day with the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and the Chorin Chief Forester’s Office.

In mid-October forester and scientists met at Chorin Monastery. There were presentations by our Explorers on their research in the forests, as well as a talk by Eberhard Luft (Head of the Chorin State Forestry Office) on the historical background and structure of the Chorin Forest (Forest Area of the Year 2023) and a talk by Ulf Pommer (LFE employee, former local manager of the Biodiversity Exploratories) on the vegetation structure of the region. The presentations stimulated interesting questions and discussions among the visitors.

In addition, there were research materials to touch and listen to, which were prepared by our explorers Judith Hinderling (botany), Michael Staab (arthropods), Sandra Müller (acoustic station), Kezia Goldmann & Julia Moll (DNA extraction/sequencing methodology), Melissa Jüds (soil animals).

The Forest-day was an all-round successful exchange with potential for repetition.


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