Figure: The photo shows a sunlit forest without foliage. A deadwood log and a pond are visible in the background. The forest floor is extensively covered with low-growing plants.

The COST Action Platform ‘Bottoms-up’ will provide existing information on biodiversity, structure and management of several taxa for more than 3,000 sampling units in most European forest types, involving managers of up to 200 million hectares of forest and a large number of managers of protected areas.

The main research objectives envisaged are:

  • A standardised platform of multi-taxon data for European forests;
  • A network of forest sites with basic information for future monitoring;
  • Common protocols for multi-taxon sampling;
  • An analysis of the relationships between multi-taxon biodiversity, structure and management;
  • A coordinated network of forest manipulation experiments;
  • Indicators and thresholds for sustainable forest management tested directly against biodiversity;
  • Management guidelines to be applied especially in forest certification and protected areas.

Cooperations are projects financed by the cooperation partners’ own funds and thus financially independent of the DFG-funded infrastructure priority program ‟Biodiversity Exploratories (BE)”. They complement the BE with further interesting research content on biodiversity research and in return benefit from the infrastructure of the Biodiversity Exploratories.

Scientific assistants

Prof. Dr. Sabina Burrascano
Project manager
Prof. Dr. Sabina Burrascano
Sapienza University of Rome