Biodiversity Exploratories Office

Scientific investigators:

Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer

The BEO supports the steering committee, the local management teams, the central database and all research groups in their internal project communication, administrative tasks and field work activities. It administrates personnel, equipment and finances via the University of Potsdam. The BEO organizes the annual general assembly as well as special workshops that facilitate colloboration among groups and PhD courses. Through project presentations and networking it increases information exchange with the scientific community. The BEO is the main contact point for DFG, stakeholders, the scientific community, the press, and the public. It is responsible for the project website, newsletters, flyers and info brochures for the public, and it presents the project in science meetings, science days, exhibitions or public lectures. For the next phase of the project, we also plan an internal evaluation of the project management structures and procedures. This will ensure continuous high quality of research platform management. Altogether, BEO provides an indispensable service for all core and contributing projects of the Biodiversity Exploratories research platform.