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Picture: The photo shows a sunlit winter forest with a large area of flowering wood anemones stretching across the ground.
ForGenDiv (Contributing project)
#Forest & Deadwood  #2020 – 2023  #Biodiversity conservation […]
Figure: The photo shows storks looking for food in a meadow that has just been mowed. A tractor with attached equipment is driving on the right side of the photo. Other meadows as well as rows of shrubs and individual deciduous trees can be seen in the background.
HEDGE II (Contributing project)
#Theory, Modelling & Upscaling  #2017 – 2020  #Species communities […]
Figure: The photo shows seven cranes on a meadow. In the background a climate measuring station and a deciduous forest can be seen.
BEsound (Contributing project)
#Animals  #2014 – 2017  #Management […]