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Figure: The photo shows green grain ears backlit against the background of a dark deciduous forest.
BESoilS (Contributing project)
#Soil biology & Element cycling  #Soil Ecology  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Land use […]
Illustration: The photo shows under dark clouds a sunlit herd of white-brown cattle on a meadow behind an electric fence. In the background a landscape with meadows, fields and forests can be seen.
ESuDis (Contributing project)
#Transfer & Society  #Social-Ecology  #2020 – 2023  #Productivity […]
Picture: The photo shows a slightly hilly landscape in summer under a blue sky. In the front left of the picture there are high bushes, a tree and a field path that turns to the left further back. From the middle to the right to the edge of the picture there is a field with beige-coloured ears of grain. Behind the field there is a mown meadow with short green grass on a slightly rising hill. On the left of the meadow there is a fenced climate measuring station. On the right of the meadow there is an unmown experimental area with tall brown and green grass. Behind the meadow there is a dense row of deciduous trees running through the picture.
SPRINT (Contributing project)
#Animals  #Biotic Interaction  #REX/LUX  #2020 – 2023  #Functional diversity […]
ESuDis (Contributing project)
#Transfer & Society  #2023 – 2026  #Productivity […]