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Figure: The photo shows green grain ears backlit against the background of a dark deciduous forest.
BESoilS (Contributing project)
#Soil biology & Element cycling  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Fertilisation […]
Illustration: The photo shows under dark clouds a sunlit herd of white-brown cattle on a meadow behind an electric fence. In the background a landscape with meadows, fields and forests can be seen.
ESuDis (Contributing project)
#Transfer & Society  #2020 – 2023  #Grazing […]
Picture: The photo shows a slightly hilly landscape in summer under a blue sky. In the front left of the picture there are high bushes, a tree and a field path that turns to the left further back. From the middle to the right to the edge of the picture there is a field with beige-coloured ears of grain. Behind the field there is a mown meadow with short green grass on a slightly rising hill. On the left of the meadow there is a fenced climate measuring station. On the right of the meadow there is an unmown experimental area with tall brown and green grass. Behind the meadow there is a dense row of deciduous trees running through the picture.
SPRINT (Contributing project)
#Animals  #2020 – 2023  #Land use […]
ESuDis (Contributing project)
#Transfer & Society  #2023 – 2026  #Grazing […]
Figure: The photo shows storks looking for food in a meadow that has just been mowed. A tractor with attached equipment is driving on the right side of the photo. Other meadows as well as rows of shrubs and individual deciduous trees can be seen in the background.
HEDGE II (Contributing project)
#Theory, Modelling & Upscaling  #2017 – 2020  #Species communities […]