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Figure: The photo shows green grain ears backlit against the background of a dark deciduous forest.
BESoilS (Contributing project)
#Soil biology & Element cycling  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Grazing […]
Picture: The diagram shows the relationship of the elements biodiversity, land use and ecosystem function. The three elements are symbolized as circles and placed in the form of a triangle. The upper center circle represents biodiversity and contains colored picture symbols for different plants. The lower left circle represents land use. Within the circle are the terms mowing, grazing, fertilization and soil texture. The lower right circle represents ecosystem function. Within the circle are the terms biomass production and standing biomass. From the circle for land use an arrow goes to the circle for biodiversity and to the circle for ecosystem function. From the circle for biodiversity an arrow goes to the circle for ecosystem function and from there an arrow goes back to the circle for biodiversity.
BEF-Loops (Contributing project)
#Ecosystem function of biodiversity  #2020 – 2023  #Plants […]