Other projects concerning long-term monitoring and biodiversity and land use
Name & Link Summery
EcoFinders Increasing the understanding of the role of soil biodiversity in ecosystem functioning
LTER-D    Network of long-term ecological research in Germany
LTER-Europe European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network
Jena Experiment The role of biodiversity for element cycling and trophic interactions, an experimental appraoch in a grassland community
TERENO Network of Terrestrial Observatories in Environmental Research
BEF-China Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (BEF) experiment in subtropical forests in China
ExpeER Experimentation in Ecosystem Research is an european project which aims to bring together, the major observational, experimental, analytical and modelling facilities in ecosystem science in Europe
FunDivEUROPE Functional Significance of Forest Biodiversity in Europe
KiLi Kilimanjaro ecosystems under global change: Linking biodiversity, biotic interactions and biogeochemical ecosystem processes