The Exploratories were part of the ESP Europe Conference 2021
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The third European conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) network took place in Tartu (Estonia) from 7-10 June. Originally, this conference was supposed to take place in 2020, but this was not possible due to the Corona pandemic. This year, the conference was also offered as a hybrid format. Therefore, the Exploratories had the task of designing a digital market booth. The market booth was well received by the conference participants. Especially the 7-minute promotional video was rated as […]

Land use intensity influences flora and fauna
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In a new international study, led by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) and conducted on exploratory research plots shows the influence of land use on local flora and fauna. More specifically, the interactions between plants and insects in grassland and forest were studied. Key findings are that thinner, mixed forests and moderate grazing of grasslands promote stable plant-insect networks. Read more in the WSL press release:

New Abstract volume 2016-2019 completed!
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Our new 2016-2019 abstract volume has freshly tumbled out of the printer and will soon be distributed to our stakeholders. We are very pleased and would like to thank all persons involved for their support. If you are interested in the new (or earlier) abstract volume, please feel free to contact the BEO or the LMTs or download the pdf here.