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Picture: The collage contains six photographs of steps in molecular analyses in a laboratory, performed by a scientist. Photo 1 shows a sample standardization device. Photo 2 shows the scientist working on a polymerase chain reaction device. Photo 3 shows the scientist using an electronic pipette to fill a sample into a micro-reaction tube. Photo 4 shows an Illumina MiSeq sequencer. Photo 5 shows the scientist working on a bioinformatics quality control device. Photo 6 shows the scientist at a desk in front of a computer making inputs for assignment.
Microorganisms (Core project)
#Microorganisms & Fungi  #REX/LUX  #FOX  #BEF  #Soil Ecology  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Bacteria […]
Picture: The photo shows a sunlit winter forest with a large area of flowering wood anemones stretching across the ground.
ForGenDiv (Contributing project)
#Forest & Deadwood  #Remote Sensing, Lanscape and Modelling  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Arthropods […]
Picture: The photograph shows a young scientist in a beech forest in summer standing under a branch several meters above him. With his right hand, the scientist is holding a very long leaf-collecting stick upwards into the foliage of the branch. With his left hand, he is pulling a black ribbon leading upwards to the tip of the stick, presumably to trigger a severing device.
GENEDIV (Contributing project)
#Forest & Deadwood  #FOX  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Forest […]
Picture: The photo shows an area of the science garden of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main on a sunny day. Plants are parked in the area shown. The area is surrounded by a scaffolding about two to three metres high, on which there are foils that can be pulled over the parking areas to protect them from the sun and precipitation. In the background, tall growing plants in large flower pots can be seen. In the foreground is a rectangular area several metres long between two paths on the left and right of the picture. The ground is covered with a black foil. On top of the foil are a large number of so-called "multi-trays", which are rectangular black tray-like collection containers with recesses for holding 54 plants each in 6 by 9 rows. The containers are visually very reminiscent of baking tins for muffins. All containers are filled and contain the five thousand three hundred and eighty-eight plants collected in the "Herbadapt" project. In each well of the multitrays, there is a labelled coloured strip in red, orange, blue or purple in the soil to identify the plant.
HerbAdapt (Contributing project)
#Plants  #2020 – 2023  #Plants […]
Figure: The photo shows a group of light brown mushrooms growing on a deadwood tree trunk.
WOODSTOCK I (Contributing project)
#Forest & Deadwood  #BELongDead  #2020 – 2023  #Bacteria […]
Picture: The photo shows a close-up of liverwort.
Crustfunction III (Contributing project)
#Soil biology & Element cycling  #Soil Ecology  #FOX  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Soil microorganisms […]
Picture: The photo shows a place in the forest with cut down trees, between which three light traps are placed.
GapResin (Contributing project)
#Animals  #FOX  #2020 – 2023  #Species communities […]
Picture: The macroscopic photo shows the hairs of a root in bright green color against a black background
HAIRphae (Contributing project)
#Plants  #Remote Sensing, Lanscape and Modelling  #BEF  #2023 – 2026  #2020 – 2023  #Traits […]